Knowledge is power and when it comes to eating healthy, we’re committed to helping you make an informed healthy choice. That’s why we’ve adopted the Health Star Rating across our Own Brand products, which includes the Countdown range, Essentials, Macro and Free From. We also check all our recipes with The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

What is the Health Star Rating?

The Health Star Rating is a government led initiative to provide front of pack nutrition labelling system that's simple to follow. It shows a star rating from ½ to 5 stars for the overall nutrient profile of a food. The more stars displayed the healthier the food.

The rating is calculated on nutrients that are linked to poor health outcomes such as energy, sodium, saturated fat and sugar. Positive elements are also included such as protein, fibre, fruit, vegetable, nuts and legume content.

How can the Health Star Rating help me when shopping?

Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food, but finding products that are healthy can be a little confusing. The Health Star Rating makes it easy by comparing foods within a category, for example breakfast cereals, soups and ready to eat meals. So the more stars something has, the healthier it is.

Use the Health Star Rating as a tool to help you with a daily balanced healthy eating plan. 

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The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation

Countdown works closely with The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation. They are a professional, non-profit organisation that works to help Kiwis eat well no matter what their circumstances by providing education and good evidence based information.

All of our recipes are checked by The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation. We follow their dietary labels as below:

  • Vegetarian – does not contain meat (red meat, chicken, fish, pork and processed meats), eggs and dairy are OK.
  • Gluten Free – does not contain gluten , a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, oats and some hybrid grains.
  • Dairy Free – does not contain cow’s milk or products derived from cow’s milk.
  • Low Sugar – less than 5g sugar / 100g. This includes natural and added sugars