Good wholesome food, delicious and simple. When it comes to our products, we believe it’s what’s inside that counts. That’s why Macro is made with fewer, simple ingredients and is full of nutritional goodness. The range includes superfoods, functional foods, raw foods, free range and organic.


Our macro range is pure and simple with no extra stuff added in – just the way nature intended. Naturally low in fat, sugar and salt, the Macro range includes nuts, seeds, dried fruit and nut mixes, and superfoods such as chia seeds and LSA.

Macro Organic

Our Macro Organic range is made from certified organic ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, just the way nature intended. Instead, you’ll find nutritious food that not only brings out the best in what you eat, but the best in you too.

Macro Free Range

Our Macro Free Range Chicken is sourced from Free Range accredited New Zealand farms and is the highest quality cut and trim. Macro Free Range is also SPCA Blue tick approved which guarantees high animal welfare standards.