Healthy Food Guide TV

At Countdown, we want all Kiwis to have good food and feel great, that’s why we’ve joined with Healthy Food Guide TV, a new show that helps Kiwis live healthier lives by getting the right advice from the experts. When it comes to staying healthy, we’re here to help. Check out delicious recipes from the show below and be sure to watch Healthy Food Guide, Thursdays at 8.30pm on Choice TV.

About the Show

The Healthy Food Guide is the brand new series that brings you the latest solid scientific evidence on all things food! Everything from how to be sugar smart, to how hormones could be sabotaging your weightloss – plus, is it wise to go gluten-free, and how do you power your brain for optimum health, with food.

Carly Flynn, well-known Journalist, Radio Show Host, health enthusiast and mum investigates all you need to know about the hottest food debates from expert scientists, doctors and food producers. 

The series also follows the Parkinson family on their journey to get healthier and fitter to improve their lives and well-being. Star nutritionist Claire Turnbull is challenging them to get real about transforming their health in just 5 months.

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Meet the Parkinsons

Dad, Jonny’s battle with type 2 diabetes is his biggest health crisis but it’s not his only one. Mum, Nicki wants a beach babe body, but has hit a weight loss slump despite working out three times a week. Nicki’s brother Tamati, is turning into a teenage couch potato and doesn’t know how to change. But there’s also Indy and Lincoln whose food allergies create curve balls for family meals. Then there’s French exchange student Jules, who might be rugby fit, but his nutrition knowledge is almost nil.

The Parkinsons need help and a lot of knowledge – and Claire has plenty of both to give. In this series to push them to their health and fitness goals, Claire is tackling everything from what and how the family eat, to growing their own, kids lunch ideas, healthy baking, healthy celebrations, and in between there’ll be new experiences to change their mindset about what healthy really means.

Each episode also includes nutrition charged, easy recipes by culinary expert Sam Campbell. Claire Turnbull’s in the kitchen discussing the nutritional elements as Sam cooks up a huge range of healthy dishes that don’t compromise the ‘yum’ factor.

(Left to Right Back) Tamati, Nicki, Jonny, Jules (Left to Right Front) Indy, Lincoln