About Feed Four for $15

Feeding four people doesn't have to cost much.

The cost for each meal is no more than $15*, plus a couple of everyday items that you already have at home like milk, flour, salt and pepper.

The meals are easy to make and all use great value ingredients from Countdown. 

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How our Feed Four for $15 recipe costs are calculated

*The recipes that are part of the ‘Feed Four for $15’ campaign are suitable for four people based on an average meal size as determined by Countdown.

The cost of each meal is based on the actual quantity or portion of each ingredient used in the recipe, not the cost of the whole ingredient. For example, if the recipe requires half an onion, then the price used when calculating the meal cost will be half the cost of a whole onion, or if 2 cups of rice are required for a recipe, the price used when calculating the meal cost will be for 2 cups of rice (as opposed to the whole packet).The price of packaged dried herbs and spices used in the recipes is based on 10% of the value of a whole packet, even if a smaller portion is used in an individual recipe. Remember, if an ingredient is purchased and only a portion is used, the rest can be used at a later stage.

Countdown assumes that you already have some basic items available at home which may not be included in the meal cost. These basic items vary from recipe to recipe and may include salt, pepper, oils, flours, milk, butter, bread and sugar.

Recipes identified as gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian has no ingredients known to commonly contain gluten, dairy, meat or meat products. As a pre-caution always check the ingredients you are using.

Prices of ingredients are based on the everyday (or non-promotional) price as determined periodically as detailed on the meal cost breakdown calculations for each individual recipe. Prices of certain fresh produce may fluctuate according to availability and seasonal factors.