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Waianakarua Free Range Farm

Thanks for entering your Countdown free range egg code. Your egg was laid at Waianakarua Free Range Farm in North Otago.

The FR in the code signifies that the egg is Free Range, and 271 refers to the farm's location. This code has been allocated by the Egg Producers Federation.

The farm resides at Waianakarua near a junction between Otepopo and the Waianakarua River. In Te Reo, Waianakarua is best interpreted as ‘the meeting of the waters’. 

The farm has unique plant and insect life, and an abundance of birdlife including our hens. It is sheltered from winds, making it warm and calm in summer. It’s the perfect place for a hen!

The eggs have been stamped at the farm after being laid.  The new stamp uses food-grade ink (mainly water based) approved by the FDA to be used in food, which is safe to eat and will not affect the egg.