Hot Cross Buns and other sweet treats for Easter

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without Hot Cross Buns, chocolate! Here’s what to do with all three.

Did you know back in the 16th century, some believed Hot Cross Buns carried medicinal purposes and could cure any illness. Others were fearful the hot cross bun held magical powers that could be used against them. And another legend suggests the bun had the ability to drive away evil spirits and if taken on voyages, only one would be needed to protect sailors from becoming shipwrecked at sea.

It seems the Hot Cross Bun has worn many hats over the last few centuries. And while we don’t have Hot Cross Buns that have magical powers, we have lots of flavours all the family will love, including traditional fruit, Hershey’s chocolate orange, spiced apple, chocolate, fruitless and even minis for the kids.

When thinking about Easter, dreams of chocolate dance in our heads. And while chocolate eggs are always a winner, here’s a dessert recipe to help you up your chocolate game and blow dinner guests away. If you’ve been dreaming of chocolate this one is for you, try our Easter Chocolate Cheesecake. It’s delicious and the whole family will love it.

Nothing beats a warm Hot Cross Bun with a slathering of butter. They’re delicious, doughy, raisin-studded buns of goodness, and we love them so much we start eating them months before. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and fancy something a bit different, try our Dessert Hot Cross Bun French Toast.

Here’s a good little recipe to keep the kids entertained over the long weekend. Our Easter Cupcakes always go down a treat, and they’re easy enough that the kids can help out and get their hands dirty too. Another easy recipe is our Easter Egg Rice Bubble Nests. They won’t just keep kids happy, everyone loves these chocolatey family favourites!