Quiet Hour

 From Wednesday 23 October, Countdown stores across New Zealand* will offer customers a low-sensory Quiet Hour every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm.

Quiet Hour offers customers a time to shop in Countdown’s stores that is easy on the eyes and ears by reducing noise, lighting and other distractions in-store.  Lighting throughout the store is reduced, in-store radio is turned off, checkout volumes are lowered, trolley collection and shelf-stocking is kept to a bare minimum, and there are no PA announcements except in emergencies.

Countdown’s Quiet Hours have been developed with the support of Autism New Zealand, who have provided advice to Countdown’s team on how they can best support customers with sensory needs in their stores.

Countdown Silverdale and Countdown Northwest will be holding their Quiet Hour from 9am to 10am every Wednesday.