Forest & Bird

Countdown is proud to partner with Forest & Bird to help Kiwis reduce their plastic use and protect New Zealand’s precious environment.

Forest & Bird are one of oldest and most respected green charities in New Zealand and have, since 1923, played a crucial role in preserving our environment and native species.

New Zealand is the “seabird capital of the world” with the highest number of species found nowhere else on the planet. They are also the world’s most threatened birds, their survival limited by incidental capture in commercial fisheries, predation, the impact of climate change and now plastic.

When plastics get into the sea the scum on the surface produces a chemical – dimethyl sulphide – that is a substance seabirds are attracted to. In other words, they believe they are eating food – and feeding it to their chicks – when they eat plastic. This can have a disastrous, often fatal, effect.

Countdown is proud to partner with Forest & Bird to protect our wildlife and wild places by supporting plastic free July. We've already committed to removing single-use plastic carrier bags from checkouts and online by end 2018, as well as plastic straws by 1 October 2018. We've still got work to do, but we're in this for the long haul.

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