Supplier Charter

Woolworths New Zealand is committed to working with its suppliers fairly, honestly and transparently.  Good working relationships with suppliers are a fundamental part of what we do and how we operate.

The Supplier Charter outlines the principles of how we conduct our supplier relationships and puts down on paper what we consider to be best practice now and for the future.  Importantly it helps us frame the expectations we have of our own team, and of our suppliers as we do business together.

The Charter also talks to our commitment to be open, transparent and data-based in our buying decisions.It’s also really important to us that suppliers have a clear way to raise concerns, and the Supplier Charter puts in place a clear and articulated disputes process.

We’ve also consciously highlighted in the Charter how we work with small suppliers.  We have a strong history in helping bringing new products to market, but we know that small suppliers are unfamiliar with our processes and need additional support.

Sitting alongside the Supplier Charter is our company Code of Conduct.  We are building a team who is passionate about retail, about our customers, and a team which does the right thing.  That means not only achieving results but thinking about how we get things done.  Being respectful, friendly and safe; and conducting business fairly, truthfully and honestly are key principles we stick by.

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