Product accreditation

At Countdown, as part of our emphasis on responsible and ethical sourcing we work with organisations such as Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand, and the SPCA, to provide accreditation on various products for our customers.


Fairtrade advocates for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries. At Countdown we have number of Fairtrade certified products available for customers to purchase, including bananas, chocolate, and coffee. Find out more about Fairtrade products avaliable at Countdown here.

In 2016 Fairtrade launched New Zealand’s first climate neutral coffee, which not only helps fight climate change, but also supports communities in developing countries. In partnership with Countdown, the Climate Neutral Coffee is exclusively available at Countdown as part of our Macro brand.

You can check out more about Fairtrade climate neutral coffee in the video below:


New Zealand's SPCA Blue Tick programme is an accreditation scheme focused on high animal welfare. At Countdown we have more than 40 chicken, pork, and egg products bearing the SPCA Blue Tick, including all of our own brand Macro free range chicken and free farmed pork.