Justine's case study


It all started with an edible spoon that won the best grocery product out of participants from 27 countries around the world at the Sial D’or food show in Paris in 2002.

Justine Muollo came up with an idea of her biscotti spoon in the early 2000’s and since then her passion for baking has never stopped.

She then went on to create a Christmas pudding biscotti spoon gift pack, which she supplied to Waitrose Supermarket in the UK and it was sold out in only 2 days ranged in London central only. Selling over 36,000 units, whilst being in the most expensive product category the product was definitely appreciated by many.

Being intolerant to dairy and gluten and staying away from refined sugar herself, she saw a gap in the market for a protein fortified, diet-friendly, nutritious cookie that was also low in carbohydrates as obesity and diabetes were on the increase. She wanted that those with dietary restrictions and diabetes could enjoy a healthy and nutritious sweet treat.

Also, not to mention the complex cookie had to be high in fiber and calcium to fuel the body.

So, she started to develop her protein cookie and brownie range.

The idea came into existence when she started her company with a factory based in Ngauranga.


Over the years Justine has done a lot of hard work to reach the height of success and she is still on the go to create new and better products.

The company was established in 2005 with 5 employees and now it’s delicious protein cookies and brownies can be found in supermarkets and retail stores across New Zealand and 30 countries abroad and the team has grown.

Justine was also in the finalist in the 2014 at Ernst & Young Entrepreneur year of the awards but due to travel she couldn’t complete the finalist stage.

Justine’s also won Deloitte Fast 50 award for being amongst the “Fastest growing manufacturer in 2013” and also became the winner of Winner Export Gold Awards.

Justine being a passionate developer, developed a completely new cookie range for Starbucks in New Zealand which lifted their declining sales. She also went on to make Gingerbread houses to raise funding for the Wellington Children’s Hospital raising over $10,000.

But, entering in a great relationship with Countdown has been a perfect alignment for Justine’s to work with a great company that has the customer’s needs at heart.

“Countdown has been a great part of the company's success. We are available in 135 countdown stores today, it has made Justine’s Cookies reached many health-conscious customers.”, says Justine.

Currently, Justine’s have seven different flavors of Protein Cookies and one Protein Brownie which meets the nutritional and dietary requirements of many. Her cookies are an easy escape to guilt free indulgence for her customers.

Justine has recently launched her two new super clean label, keto friendly Vegan products to meet the requirements of Vegan customers which are a treat to the vegan community.

They were showcased by ted talks which was a great success.

Apart from the constant existing flavors, she often surprises her New Zealand customer base with her limited editions cookies on special occasions. Her ginger and spice cookies are truly a hit amongst the customers.

“Creating a guilt free delicious product is always a challenge as you want the product to be gluten, sugar and wheat free and at the same time the product should be good in taste as well. Each of our products has gone through a lot of experimentation and several baking runs to reach the level of excellence” says Justine.

Future gazing:

Justine’s is passionate about what she does and keeps on innovating new products, like recently the company has launched two new vegan products. She cares about her customers and often do surveys to get feedback from them and work hard to meet their requirements.

You can often find Justine experimenting with different ingredients in her kitchen.

“One of the things I really appreciate about countdown is helping us in rolling our every new product countrywide. Our relationship with countdown has enabled us to reach a wide customer base and grow our business and I look forward to strengthening it over time” says Justine.