Countdown has set a company wide focus on recycling which has already seen our recycling rates increase significantly. We now recycle 27,000 tonnes of cardboard and plastic wrap and our entire recycling tonnage is 39% greater than it was was in 2006

Soft plastic recycling

The Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme has resumed collections at 24 Countdown's across the Auckland region. The Scheme is working with processor, Future Post, which converts the soft plastics collected into plastic fence posts.

To make sure the amount the Scheme collects matches with New Zealand’s local capacity to process soft plastics, the Scheme owners decided that could only restart in phases. While the scheme may extend to other areas around New Zealand in the future, for now their focus is on developing a successful collection and processing system on a smaller scale that makes full re-use of all the plastic collected.

For more information on which stores are involved, visit:  

Other items you'll find at Countdown that can be recycled

Many of the items you buy at Countdown can be recycled. For example:

For more information and what items can be recycled in your local area, please head to your local council website.