Countdown has set a company wide focus on recycling which has already seen our recycling rates increase significantly. We now recycle 27,000 tonnes of cardboard and plastic wrap and our entire recycling tonnage is 39% greater than it was was in 2006

Soft Plastic Recycling

The Soft Plastics Scheme has advised us that they can no longer collect soft plastics. The large amount of soft plastics being collected for recycling has overwhelmed it, so it’s on hold while work is done to look for a long-term, sustainable solution for New Zealand. For now, customers will need to put their plastic waste in their normal household rubbish bin.

We’re going to keep removing and reducing unnecessary plastic and packaging from across our business - we’ve already removed more than 100 tonnes from our produce section over the last year alone!

Other items you'll find at Countdown that can be recycled

Many of the items you buy at Countdown can be recycled. For example:

For more information and what items can be recycled in your local area, please head to your local council website.