Plastic bags

In 2015 Countdown became a foundation member of the Soft Plastics Recycling Programme, a new initiative to encourage customers to recycle soft plastics in specially marked bins. This soft plastic material includes products like the "single use" plastic shopping bags provided at our checkouts and packaging for frozen products and bakery items.

Countdown currently has stores in Auckland, Waikato, Christchurch, and Wellington involved in the programme.

Countdown also encourages customers to reduce their plastic bag use by bringing their own reusable bags, or purchasing reusable bags in store. Over the last year, Countdown has sold approximately 200,000 reusable bags around the country.

At Countdown, we also have a number of policies in place to help customers reduce plastic bag usage including:

  • ‘Pack 7’ where we encourage our team to pack seven items in each bag
  • The prominent display and sale of reusable bags to encourage their use
  • Promoting reusable bags with limited edition designer bags
  •  Trolley handle reminder messages