Changes to Online Shopping - latest updates

Friday 28 January 2022

Our Priority Assistance service is back in place

Our Priority Assistance Service is back in place to ensure that our most vulnerable New Zealanders and those who are self-isolating can continue to get the food and groceries they need. Customers who have previously been approved for this service do not need to reapply; your status is still active and valid.

 Allow substitutes and we’ll get you what we can

At the moment we may not be able to source the exact item youve ordered, so please tick the ‘Allow substitutions’ boxes at the online checkout and we’ll get you what we can.

If we’re not able to fulfill your order, you won’t be charged for the items we have not supplied. This will be processed by the bank without you needing to contact us.

All deliveries will be contactless

To help keep our team and customers safe, we have temporarily moved to a contactless delivery service. Your delivery driver will knock on your door and leave your groceries on your doorstep. We’ll send you a text message to let you know your delivery has arrived.

Please note that while deliveries are contactless, drivers will not enter lifts or businesses. Instead they will leave your order in a reception area. You will receive a text message when the order is on its way.

You are still able to BYO bags for Pick up orders

We are still accepting BYO bags for Pick up


Refunds may take longer to process than usual. If you need a refund, our virtual assistant ‘Olive’ can help with that. You can find Olive on our 'Contact us' page.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

The Online Shopping team


Need help? Speak to Olive, the Countdown Virtual Assistant

Our hard-working Customer Care team is experiencing a high volume of calls and emails at the moment so please use Olive, our virtual assistant.