Changes to Online Shopping - latest updates

Thursday, 14 May

We've removed all temporary product limits

We’ve removed the limits on the majority of our products to help ensure customers get what they need without having to shop too often.

The regular limits of 20 items or 20kg per product and 3 items of baby formula are now back in place.

More Pick up and Delivery slots available for everyone

We’ve worked hard to bring more personal shoppers, delivery drivers and trucks into our network so there are now thousands more Pick up and Delivery slots available for everyone - including those people using our Priority Assistance service, which we will continue in Level 2.

In many areas, same-day delivery or Pick up windows are available for everyone once more. We’ve really appreciated the patience of our customers as we’ve worked to meet the massive demand during lockdown.

We'll get you what we can

At the moment we may not be able to source the exact item you have ordered so please tick ‘Allow substitutions’ at the online checkout and we will get you what we can.

If we’re not able to fulfill your order, you won’t be charged for the items we have not supplied. This will be processed by the bank without you needing to contact us.


Refunds may still take longer to process than usual. If you need a refund then our virtual assistant ‘Olive’ can help with that. You can find Olive on our contact us page.

Changing your order

Our customer care team can make changes to your order once it has been placed. There may still be delays getting through to a customer care advisor so please check your order carefully before completing checkout and payment.


Need help? Speak to Olive, the Countdown Virtual Assistant

Our hard-working Customer Care team is experiencing a high volume of calls and emails at the moment so please use Olive, our virtual assistant.