Countdown Food Rescue

Wherever possible, Countdown’s policy is to donate safe, high-quality surplus food to The Salvation Army and other local food rescue charities and foodbanks throughout New Zealand.

This is part of our goal towards zero food waste and it also directly helps those New Zealanders who might otherwise go hungry. Each year this equates to around $5.2 million of food to foodbanks, plus an additional $1.7 million of food to farmers as food scraps for their animals.

Our partners include The Salvation Army, FairFood, Just Zilch, Kaibosh, KiwiHarvest, Kaivolution, Good Neighbour, Kiwi Community Assistance, Satisfy Food Rescue, Gizzy Kai Rescue, Kai Rescue and Foodbank Canterbury.

Green Ribbon Awards

We're proud to say we won the Business Leadership category at the 2017 Green Ribbon Awards for our work in reducing food waste.


Countdown Food Rescue Partners Contestable Fund 

To ensure we’re financially contributing to building a sustainable food rescue sector, our Countdown Food Rescue Partners Contestable Fund has seen more than $742,749 awarded over the past four years.

Countdown’s Contestable Fund is designed to help grow the capacity and/ or capability of our existing food rescue partners to collect safe, quality surplus food from Countdown supermarkets around the country.

In 2020, the majority of the $200,249 awarded went towards helping our partners expand their operations, whether that’s buying a new vehicle to transport products, a new chiller or hiring more team.