These recipe ideas make for fun and easy gift ideas

Are you looking for homemade gift ideas that are easy and delicious? We can help with that.

The festive season means a lot of things, including trying to choose the right gifts for friends, family, neighbours, workmates and even teachers. These handy homemade gift ideas – that are just as tasty as they are fun and thoughtful – will take some of the stress out of that. Best of all, each can be prepared by both kids and adults alike.

These gifts will make the mouth water

The following recipes make for great gifts, so get baking some edible treats for friends and family. ‘Tis the season for giving, so it pays to have some sweet treats for everyone.

The Chocolate Rum Truffles will be a favourite of those with a more mature palate; Cranberry and Nut Nougat for those that don’t eat chocolate, period, and Cranberry Apple Granola for those looking to eat healthier over the festive season.

Then there is the White Chocolate Raspberry Rocky Road, and the Candy Cane Fudge, two delectable treats that will have those with a sweet tooth salivating.

We have a warning: if you do get some small helping hands, you might need to supervise the kids preparing these dishes, since a lot of the treats might not make it under the Christmas tree. No one can deny the temptation of White Chocolate Christmas Crackles and Coconut Ice Candy Canes! If a batch makes it out of the kitchen without being eaten, get the kids to wrap some up to give as gifts. These super easy Gingerbread Rings will also make friends and family smile and are an easy one for the little helpers.

Wrap it up

Keep the homemade theme going by having the kids make their own wrapping paper. It can be as simple as printing out a design that they’ve made, or found online, to having them decorate some paper to be used to wrap the gifts with crayons, pencils or paint. Even the brown paper bags from Countdown online shopping can be repurposed as wrapping paper, with or without some extra flourishes added, too.

It’s not just wrapping paper, either, as the pressies can be decorated with dried flowers from the garden, to bows made from flax. Instead of traditional ribbon, substitute some twine, which gives a vintage look and feel. It’s also possible to make ribbons out of strips of paper or cardboard, too.

Yes, it’s all about the gift of giving. But making those gifts can be almost as enjoyable.