Get the kids in the kitchen to make breakfast this Christmas

You can make this Christmas Day a little less stressful by getting the kids to make breakfast for everyone.

Alright, for some parents, the thought of having the kids prepare breakfast sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. But, with some supervision, having older children in the kitchen to prepare Christmas breakfast can be a relatively low-key affair. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work, even when those are smaller hands.

While these recipes are best suited for older children, over the age of 10, the younger members of the household can easily become sous chefs to help things move quickly.

It’s sweet as

What better motivation is there for kids than something sweet to eat? The Raspberry and Yoghurt Parfait is as easy to make as it is delicious, perfect for younger members of the family to learn their way around the kitchen.

The same goes for the Strawberry Croissant French Toast, which will be a favourite with anyone who has a sweet tooth for breakfast. The same goes for the Apricot Compote with Brioche, too, because the homemade compote on a creamy mascarpone and buttery brioche bread will have people coming back for seconds – so make sure there’s enough to go around.

Café-style at home

While some young helpers might prefer the sweeter recipes, the savoury options are just as quick, easy and fun to prepare. The Bagel Brunch is a simple way to keep the whole family fed and happy. But make sure to keep a close eye on the littler kids when they’re poaching the eggs – they might need a helping hand with this bit!

For a café-style brunch, you can have the trainee chefs prepare the Hash Brown Breakfast Bake recipe. Best of all, it’s created in a single pan, meaning less mess and less stress. The breakfast bake combines hash browns, veggies, eggs and feta, and is just as delicious as it sounds.

How about a little bit of both savoury and sweet? You need to try the Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes with Crispy Bacon. The pancakes sound good but taste even better – and those new chefs will easily be able to prepare and serve the dish.

Also, if you can’t get the kids in the kitchen to help with the cooking, just remember that those small hands can also help wash and dry the dishes!