Refund policy

Refund, exchange or replacement covers any product quality or incorrect pricing issue for all goods sold in-store and online.

The customer has a choice of a refund, exchange or replacement as long as the store usually stocks the item being refunded or replaced.

A customer complaint form will be filled out when a product is returned due to a fault or quality issue.

Refund and Replace Policy

A Refund as well as a Replacement item will be given for:

  • Product quality issues relating to Fresh Food Departments (Fruit, Vegetables, Deli, Meat, Seafood or Bakery).

For any other product quality issues, a refund OR a replacement will be given.

Price Issues

If any product is charged at a higher price than stated on the current shelf ticket/label and the transaction has been completed the following will apply:

  • Single product: Countdown will refund the price paid and the customer may keep the product free of charge.
  • Multiple of the same product: Countdown will refund the first product and the customer may keep this first product free of charge. A refund will also be given for the difference between the current shelf price and the charged price for the balance of the products.

If a checkout operator error has occurred during the transaction, only the difference between the correct price and incorrect price will be refunded. Examples of errors are:

  • Incorrect product identified by operator,
  • Multiple scanning,
  • Processing a different product to the one being purchased e.g. sauce mix instead of gravy mix,
  • Keying the wrong price or multiple price e.g. 30 instead of 3,
  • Reduced to clear label did not scan


A customer can have a refund or an exchange for any alcohol product. An exchange may only take place within the licensed hours of the store (as it's a supply of alcohol). Refunds can take place during any opening hours, if the opening hours are longer than the licensed hours.

The customer must be over 18 years old in order to receive a refund on an age restricted product. An ID check should be carried out if the customer appears to be under 25 years old.