Privacy Statement – COVID-19


  1. Covid-19 means that we are adapting the way we provide online delivery services for the foreseeable future by implementing a Priority Assistance Service and ensuring we can help our customers most in need.

  2. Our Priority Assistance service identifies customers who most need our online delivery services to ensure that they get the assistance they need at the time that they need it. These customers are typically over the age of 70, have health or disability conditions or have been exposed to Covid-19 in a way that means they cannot go to the supermarket. Customers may need to provide us with sensitive personal or health information (collectively, "Sensitive Information") for the purposes of identifying those who need Priority Assistance service and facilitating that service. 

  3. As we don't typically collect Sensitive Information, we have prepared this statement to explain to you how and why we collect, use, share and store customer Sensitive Information in order to provide the Priority Assistance service. 

  4. Please note the information you supply us is covered by both this Privacy Statement and the protections outlined in our Privacy Policy (available here). This Privacy Statement takes precedence over the Privacy Policy, and it applies to all Sensitive Information we collect, use, share or store. Our Privacy Policy applies to other personal information collected, used, shared or stored by us over the course of your interactions with us, so please take the time to read our Privacy Policy too. 

  5. You agree to this Privacy Statement and our Privacy Policy by signing up for our Priority Assistance service.

Sensitive information we may need to collect 

  1. We typically collect information such as customers' name, date of birth, personal contact information and proof of identity.  This is explained in our Privacy Policy. 

  2. In addition, the kinds of Sensitive Information we may need to collect from customers to facilitate the Priority Assistance service includes: 

    1. Age.

    2. Details of illnesses, medical conditions, disabilities. 

    3. Information relating to illnesses, medical conditions or disabilities including relevant test results, medical certificates, mobility card numbers or other medical documentation to help identify your needs.

    4. Number of people you live with and if they have any health issues.

    5. Details of the specific assistance required to meet your needs. 

  3. You do not have to provide Sensitive Information to us, but if you do not, it will be difficult for us to assess your priority and profile you for eligibility to the Priority Assistance service.  

How do we use your Sensitive Information?

  1. We may use your Sensitive Information to:

    1. Assess how we can assist you with the Priority Assistance service.

    2. Provide services to you, such as prioritising, processing and delivering your online delivery orders. 

    3. Assist us in investigating your claims, complaints and enquiries.

    4. Send you direct marketing, by post, email, phone and text/SMS or other electronic means.  This may include information about special offers, discounts, promotions and other information relating to our products and services that we think may be of interest to you.  You can opt out of receiving direct marketing by telling us in writing, by email (refer to the “Contact Us” section on our website), by changing your Countdown Online Shopping account preferences or calling our contact centre.

    5. Any other way permitted under law or the Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

    6. For any other purpose that you authorise from time to time.

  2. We will only keep your Sensitive Information for as long as we need to.

Who do we share your Sensitive Information with?

  1. We may share your Sensitive Information with the following for the purposes identified in this Privacy Statement:

    1. Any of our group companies who are generally based in New Zealand or Australia, but may be based in other jurisdictions.

    2. Service providers we contract to provide services to us and you. We require these service providers to adhere to our strict confidentiality and security requirements and to the requirements of the Privacy Act. 

    3. Any other provider as may be permitted under law or by the Privacy Act or Health Information Privacy Code. 

    4. Emergency services or law enforcement agencies where we are able to do so under the Privacy Act. 

  2. We require all entities identified above to adhere to our confidentiality requirements and to the requirements of the Privacy Act and Health Information Privacy Code.

How do we store Sensitive Information?

  1. Sensitive Information that we collect is either held by us or on our behalf.  Details of this and details of how we store all of your information are explained in our Privacy Policy.

  2. Details on how to access your Sensitive Information are set out in our Privacy Policy. 

Updates to your Sensitive Information

  1. We rely on you to update us if your contact details change.  Please refer to the Contact Us section if your personal circumstances or Sensitive Information changes. 

  2. If you have any questions, please contact us at or calling us on 0800 40 40 40.  Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Privacy Officer
Woolworths New Zealand Limited
Private Bag 93306
Otahuhu, Auckland 1640