Make sure our emails always arrive

To make sure Countdown emails always arrive in your inbox, add our email address to your safe senders list. Just choose your email provider below and follow the steps.


Google Mail® users

1. Select 'contacts' from the 'Gmail' dropdown menu on the left hand side of your Gmail Inbox
2. Select 'contacts'
3. Select 'add to contacts' from the top menu bar
4. Enter the email address
5. Select Add

If an email from Countdown is in the Spam folder, you can mark it "Not Spam" to whitelist it.


Move messages between tabs

If you see a message in your inbox that you want in a different tab, all you have to do is drag and drop it into the other tab. Another way to do this is to right-click a message while viewing your inbox.

After you move a message to a different tab, a message above your inbox will ask if you want to undo that action or choose to always put messages from that sender in the tab you chose.


Starred Messages

Messages you mark with a star will also appear in your Primary tab so they are easier to keep track of.

If you have any issues, try visiting the Gmail support page.


Windows Live Hotmail® users

1. Open your email settings
2. Select 'Options' from the dropdown menu
3. Select 'Safe and blocked' senders
4. Select 'Safe senders'
5. Type into 'Sender or domain to mark as safe'
6. Click 'Add to list >>'

If you have any issues, try visiting the Windows Live support page.


Yahoo!Xtra® Webmail Instructions

1. Right click on the email in your inbox
2. Click Add Sender to Contacts, check the details and click Save

Alternatively you can click on the Add Contacts link (it is on the left hand panel of your inbox), fill in all required fields and click save. If the email goes directly to your Spam Folder first you can add it to the safe list:

1. In your Spam folder, click on the email and select it
2. Right click on the email in your inbox, click Add Sender to Contacts
3. Check the details and click Save

If you have any issues, try visiting the Yahoo! Xtra support page.


Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2016® users

1. Open your email message
2. Click on 'Junk' in the task bar
3. Click on 'Junk E-mail Options' from the drop down menu.
4. Click on the 'Safe Senders' tab
5. Enter the email address you want to save
6. Click on 'Add Sender to Safe Senders List'
7. Click 'Apply'
8. Click 'OK'

If you have any issues, try visiting the Microsoft support page.


Outlook 2016 with ‘Clutter’ enabled.

To re-classify Countdown emails that are being moved into the Clutter folder

1. Choose the Clutter folder
2. Select the Countdown email in the Clutter folder
3. Drag the email from your Clutter folder to your Inbox

Moving an email in or out of the Clutter folder from any of your devices is enough to give the signal to the Clutter system that an item is or isn't Clutter.

If you have any issues, try visiting the Clutter support page


Apple Mail® users:

1. In the message list, select the sender you want to make a VIP
2. Click the sender's name or email address in the message header, then select VIP

If you have any issues, try visiting the Apple support page


Email Format

We will no longer be sending text-only emails, and will only be delivering HTML emails. However, if you’ve selected text-only emails in your personal email email settings we will support that format.