Advertising policy

Advertising is an important means of communication with our customers.  Our customers tell us that clarity about our products and prices is important to them. Whether through television, print or digital advertising or at the point of sale, our messages inform our customers’ decisions about whether to shop with us, and what they buy.

As a major New Zealand retailer, we pride ourselves on producing responsible and innovative advertising.  We are committed to:

  • Adhering to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Codes of Practice and to all applicable laws.
  • Ensuring that all of our advertising is honest, accurate and fair.
  • Ensuring that all or our advertising is responsible, particularly for the sale of restricted products like alcohol and tobacco.
  • Taking special care when our advertising could be seen by children, particularly children under 14.

To help us honour these commitments, we will:

  • Ensure all members of our marketing team are trained in this Policy, the ASA Codes of Practice and applicable legislation.
  • Encourage our team and the advertising agencies we use to actively question and challenge our advertising to make sure it complies with the principles and spirit of this Policy.
  • Have a robust internal sign-off process that applies to all advertising.

On the following pages we have set out, in more detail, our advertising policies that relate to specific product types.

If customers wish to ask questions or raise concerns about any of our advertising, they can do so by writing to:

More information about the Advertising Standards Authority, their Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes is available here


We are committed to being a responsible retailer of beer, wine and cider. When we advertise alcohol we will:

  • Meet our obligations under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.
  • Comply with the ASA Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol.
  • Never “loss lead” with alcohol.
  • Avoid any television advertising between 6am and 8.30pm.
  • Never advertise alcohol on any online channel that has a target audience demographic under the age of 25.


We will not advertise tobacco or tobacco products.

Advertising to children

We will comply with the ASA Children and Young People’s Advertising Code. 

All our advertisements will be targeted at the main household shopper.

We will not target children under the age of 14 in our advertising. Where children could see our advertisements, we will take special care, particularly in relation to high sugar, high fat and high salt foods. We have also set our own Health and Nutrition Targets. These can be found here.

Direct marketing

We will comply with:

  • The Marketing Association’s Code of Practice for Direct Marketing in New Zealand.
  • The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act.

We will clearly describe how we will collect, hold and use our customers’ personal information.  Our privacy statement can be found here.

We will not target direct marketing materials at children under the age of 14.

Online marketing

We will not advertise on any online channel that has a target audience demographic under the age of 14.

We will not initiate or participate in any viral marketing or social media campaign targeted at children under the age of 14.

Collectibles Programmes

We may run collectibles programmes for our customers. When we do this, we will design the programmes so that they are responsible, and provide positive experiences for adults and children. We will:

  • not advertise collectibles programmes in any medium that is targeted at children under the age of 14.
  • not use collectibles programmes to encourage excessive consumption of high sugar, high fat or high salt foods.
  • endeavour to ensure that the products promoted through our collectibles programmes include a range of food and grocery products, including healthy choices.

Health and Nutrition

Our advertising is one way customers get information about the food and grocery products they choose to buy from us. Where possible, we will recommend healthy options in our recipes. We are taking proactive steps to help customers make healthier choices.  Our Health and Nutrition Targets can be found here.

Fresh Deals

A change in weather or season can sometimes play havoc with the availability and prices of fruit and vegetables – both in New Zealand and abroad. So when we say ‘Fresh Deal’ in our produce department, it means that we are really proud about the quality of the product at the price we are offering you. You can be assured that with our "Fresh Deals" you will always get an awesome fresh product at a really good price.  Depending on market availability, we will hold a "Fresh Deal" for as long as we can and sometimes we may even be able to better it.  Unfortunately we are not able to hold a "Fresh Deal" on the same product all year round, as produce prices do change over the course of a season for reasons that are outside of our control.