At Countdown we are passionate about engaging with New Zealand shoppers in a meaningful way. And we are equally passionate about driving sales.

The Countdown Media Hub is a whole new approach to making this happen, by connecting your brands with our customers.

Our new team has a deep understanding of which media channels and campaign structures will best deliver to your objectives, whether they be call-to-action purchase activations, or brand awareness campaigns.

The Customer Communications Platform is structured using a range of campaign pillars that are consistently executed across all of our channels to deliver impact and drive sales results. The Countdown Media Hub will provide fully integrated campaigns, providing you with access to Countdown’s wide portfolio of broadcast media assets. These include our mailers, traditional media, and digital platforms, all the way through to in-store displays where customers complete their journey with the final purchase of your products.

We also create opportunities to communicate directly to targeted customer segments through direct mail, email and social media – fuelled by our Onecard database.

Most importantly, our new Countdown Media Hub team is fully integrated into the Merchandise team. This will enable you to work closely with our joint Merchandise and Marketing teams to support your sales plans for the year ahead. Specifically, this means that you will continue to have your primary discussions with your Merchandise teams, and the Countdown Media Hub will be close at hand to bring your sales discussions to life.

We invite all suppliers to engage with our new Countdown Media Hub team so that we can drive your sales together.

Media Hub at a glance

Customer touch points

The path to purchase for shoppers is no longer a linear process, with more touch points than ever before to communicate with our customers.

The mix of media differs for each activity depending on many factors such as who the audience is and the message being communicated. No two journeys are the same.

Effective marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident; they are planned, coordinated and integrated. The Media Hub provides the opportunity for brands to communicate to customers at all key points throughout the decision-making process.

Customer communication pillars

The message you communicate to customers is just as important as the touch points you use.

The Countdown Media Hub will provide a media recommendation that will deliver against your campaign objectives, whilst ensuring that the communication is relevant and of value to our customers. Our customer communication pillars are utilised across all Countdown Media Hub channels, providing impact and recall for customers throughout their shopping journey.


Introduce new products and brands. The launch is one of the most important stages of a product lifecycle. It is key to make customers aware of the product, give them a reason to purchase it and stand out from the competition. Our ‘New’ pillar will enable you to clearly communicate your message across all customer Touch Points.


Reach our most loyal and valuable customers. Our ‘Onecard’ Pillar provides the opportunity for you to excite our Onecard customers by offering them exclusive promotions.

Try me

Inform, inspire and educate. Our ‘Try Me’ Pillar gives you the opportunity to inspire and educate our customers about the unique selling points of your product, or to give them new ideas on how to use it. This will help your brand stand out from your competitors.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events are an integral part of our customers’ lives. They present opportunities for your brand to leverage our campaigns and put your product front of mind at the right time of year.

Category Events

You can promote your brand across events in specific categories, such as promotions, giveaways, competitions and category specific mailers. The media support given to these events helps drive incremental sales of participating products.

Media Hub contact

To learn more about the Countdown Media Hub, please contact us at

Our dedicated team is more than happy to answer any questions, guide you through the process or explain how the Countdown Media Hub can benefit your brand and products.

We look forward to helping you grow your sales at Countdown.