Countdown Listens

At Countdown, we want you to enjoy every experience you have with us.

To ensure we deliver the best service we can, and to learn where we can improve, we would like to ask you a few questions about your recent shopping experience. Countdown Listens gives you the opportunity to share your feedback.

Complete our Countdown Listens survey and you'll go into our monthly prize draw to win a $500 Countdown Gift Card or one of five $100 Countdown Gift Cards!

Please have your receipt handy when you start the survey as you will be prompted to enter the store number and transaction number found on your receipt.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I need a receipt to complete the survey? Not necessarily. If you are signed up to receive Research emails from Countdown, you will receive an email from us to complete the survey online. The link in the email will contain the required information around store number and transaction number. If you are not signed up for Research emails, you will need to keep your receipt handy when you start the survey, as you will be prompted to enter the store number and transaction number found on your receipt. To find out if you are signed up for Research, please make sure you are signed in and check out your Preference Hub page by clicking on "My Details".
  2. What if I lose my receipt? If you're signed up for Research emails then don't worry, you can use the link from the email. If you're not signed up for Research emails, then unfortunately you can't complete the survey without the transaction number and store number from your receipt, so if you lose your receipt you won't be able to complete the survey for your shop. We suggest waiting until your next shop and saving your receipt to enter the survey.
  3. How do I find out who wins the monthly prizes? You can find the previous month's winners here.
  4. How do I know if I have won a prize? You will be contacted using the phone number provided in the first instance if you are one of the lucky winners. We draw each month's winners in the following month.
  5. How many times can I answer the survey? You can fill in the survey once for each of your shopping trips. You will need the receipt for each shopping trip and can only enter the Draw once every 24 hours
  6. Is my feedback received and acted on? Absolutely. All feedback is sent on to the relevant store and/or department.
  7. I'm having problems accessing the website. Please try clicking here. If you are still having problems accessing the survey, please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 40 40 40.
  8. How do I sign up to provide feedback via email (and stand a chance to win!)? Head to and sign in using your Onecard details. On the homepage click on "Your Profile" on the left side of the page and then select "Preference Hub". Under myEmails turn on the 'Research' slide bar, if it is already green, you should receive the survey next time you shop!