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The Countdown Graduate Programme

Think big. Grow Fast

You know you’re ready for early leadership. From building relationships to addressing business challenges, you have the drive and determination to start achieving now.

At Countdown, we believe that leadership is born from personal confidence, that it’s your failures as well as your successes that will shape you into an effective leader. It’s why our graduates enjoy significant and meaningful management responsibilities, along with executive guidance.

And when we say significant responsibility we mean it. Few organisations can match the size and variety of professional opportunities that Countdown offers. The challenges are on a massive scale, which might seem a bit intimidating. We are performance focused and we work hard, but we work as a team. You will be supported by colleagues and managers who genuinely want you to succeed.

The ultimate in leadership development.

You know that making smart decisions about your career is essential so think about our Graduate Programme as your personal leadership development journey.

Following your graduate stream you’ll develop sound expertise in an area directly related to your professional ambitions. You will also rotate to new departments or projects, gaining exposure to the wider business.

You will have access to high profile projects both to develop professional skills and show us what you are capable of. These will give you direct access to senior leaders across the organisation. You can begin building your personal profile and the leadership networks you will need for your future success while you are still in the programme.

And where next? You are guaranteed a significant role that will support your continued development: to work alongside colleagues who get a buzz from being with a business that moves fast and appreciates bold decisions, who love to win and who genuinely have your back as you pursue your career ambitions.

When you think about our sheer size and complexity, it’s not hard to imagine an interesting, diverse and satisfying career here!


Available Graduate Streams
Retail Operations IT Digital E-Commerce Finance
Logistics Commercial/Buying Marketing Culture and People


Duration 12 month programme

Open to any degree. Bachelor of Business, Commerce & Management preferred.

Must be a NZ or Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Must be in your final year of tertiary study or have graduated within 2 years of programme start date.

Applications for our 2019 Countdown Graduate Programme will be opening in March 2018