Our stories

Don’t take our word for it!

Watch the stories of real Countdown people to discover what it’s like to be a part of our friendly, down-to-earth and energetic team.

Sally Copland - Head of Online

Lisa Conway - Business Manager for the Category Development Process

Dan Chasemore - Communications Manager

Rittu Gounder - National Contact Centre Manager

Bianca Barone - Customer Service Manager

Cody Brennan - Employment Relations Specialist

James Radcliffe - General Counsel

Jared Adlam - Food Specialist

Jason McQuiod - Store Manager

Jessica Jones - Assistant Category Manager

Jo Gillespie - Senior Business Analyst in Actionable Insights

Sam Morris - Business Analyst in Finance

Yasmin Manilal - Shift Manager at Auckland Regional Distribution Centre

Liz May - General Manager of Logistics

Viyasan Arulrajah - Merchandise Graduate 

John Latu - Shift Manager ANDC (Auckland National Distribution Centre)

Hannon Haoni - Knife Apprentice

Matt Davison - Checkout Operator