Learn while you earn with an apprenticeship in either Bakery or Butchery Apprenticeship at Countdown!

Here at Countdown, you can have the opportunity to become a trade qualified Butcher or Baker, so you can learn while you earn! 
Kiwi's love their meat (think Sunday roasts and BBQs all year round) and baked goods (who can go past a loaf of freshly baked bread). These trades are always going to be in demand at Countdown so we can continue to deliver the Bakery and Butchery experience our customers want.
We partner with top-notch external providers which adds to the large support network you will have through your apprenticeship, allowing you to gain the specialist skills and experience to bring these experiences to life!



You have the opportunity to earn yourself a National Certificate in Baking Level 4 as a bakery apprentice at Countdown. 

A bakery apprenticeship is ideal for people who have a love for hands-on creative work and even a bit of science. There is plenty of variety, no day is the same - from making the breads to being the creative mind behind new bakery products, or designing and decorating a wide range of cakes and muffins. The learning opportunities are endless. 

The apprenticeship consists of a combination of distance learning materials and on-the-job assessments. 

Check out all opportunities in our bakery department at your local store now!



Butchery is one of the world's oldest and most respected jobs. You will gain supreme skill and technique required to deliver high quality products. 

A butchery apprenticeship with Countdown will reward you with a National Certificate in Meat Retailing (Proficient) Level 3. 

Butchers are responsible for de-boning carcasses, curing and smoking, and preparing cuts of meat and poultry for sale in a safe and hygienic way. Butchery requires strength and precision, but also customer service and presentation skills. 

Check out all the opportunities in our butchery department at your local store now!


Why do your apprenticeship with Countdown?

1. Get paid to learn - You have a full-time job and study part-time.

2. Real World career skills - An apprenticeship means you gain a nationally recognised qualification, which is

highly regarded around the world!

3. No student loan - Enough said!

4. Promote a quality culture- with your specialist knowledge you will be key to ensuring our bakery products are to the best possible standard for our customers.

5. Be in demand - Countdown has a huge focus on fresh and baked goods are a key part of the Kiwi diet. With your specialist knowledge and experience, throughout your apprenticeship and upon qualification you will play a huge role in bringing the Countdown Bakery experience to life for our customers!


After 10 months in the boning room, I saw the opportunity to become an apprentice and took that with both hands