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Environmental responsibility

We're working harder than ever to make our stores "greener". In fact, Progressive is committed to helping to achieve an overall 40% reduction in our company's carbon footprint by 2015 (on projected growth levels), bringing our emissions back to 2006 levels.  (More information available at http://crreport08.woolworthslimited.com.au/summary.php)


Since 2003, all checkout staff in Countdown supermarkets have been encouraged to reduce the number of plastic bags leaving our stores.

'Pack 7' is one way we achieve this. All we do is ask checkout staff to pack at least seven items in each plastic bag and we also ask our customers if they need a bag for three items or less.

It's simple to remember and easy to implement. By shopping in our stores and supporting Pack 7, you can help us achieve the long-term goal of reducing plastic bag use.


We are committed to helping customers reduce their plastic bag use. All our stores have re-usable bags available for customers to purchase, these bags have been particularly successful in recent years. Re-usable bags are an excellent choice for shoppers and our new checkout designs are made to allow ease of packing into these bags.


New Zealanders throw away 3.6 million tonnes of rubbish every year. That's equivalent to more than 1,000 buses every day!

We're as concerned about this as anyone, so we've been looking closely at ways to manage our resources more sustainably.

All waste paper from the printing process is shredded, bailed and recycled into cardboard, packing and building materials.

All Countdown catalogues are printed on paper with at least a 50% recycled content. Overall, the paper is produced as part of a closed loop concept, allowing for maximum recovery and recycling of materials. So wood is sourced only from sustainably managed forests, the mill uses chlorine-free bleaching process and the printer uses an after-burner that converts solvents to air and water vapour.

Eco-friendly catalogues are one step we're taking to help use the planet's resources in a more responsible way and cut down unnecessary waste.